Payment informations

You have three payment methods available.

  • Credit card
    You can use VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Maestro credit cards. To complete the payment, you need to know your card number and expiration date.

  • PayPal
    You will be directed to the PayPal site and will be prompted to log in with your PayPal account email address or phone number and password.

  • Bank transfer (only for orders equal to or greater than 15 products)
    You can pay only if your cart contains 15 or more products, and choose wire transfer as the payment method. Once payment has been received, we will provide you with the codes required to activate the selected products. Payment must be made within 5 days, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

If you are a company, a school or another entity based in a European country other than Italy, you are entitled to VAT exemption. During checkout, request the invoice as a company, then request the updated total. We will contact you within 48 hours.


Request a quote

Do you need a quote? Write to our assistance specifying the following data:

  • ISBN, title and number of copies of the volumes to be purchased
  • Name and Surname / Company name
  • Tax ID / VAT tax code / VAT number
  • Address
  • Country
  • City
  • ZIP code
  • any notes or requests

Within 48 hours you will receive the estimate including a summary of the requested order and bank details to make the transfer. Once the payment has been received, the codes necessary for activation will be sent.